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We have three options for you:

Custom Website          Simple Website          Build Your Own Website


A Custom Built Website

There are many things that contribute to the cost of a website:

  • Do you already have a domain name?
  • Do you already have a website hosting plan?
  • How many pages do you want?
  • How much information will be on those pages?
  • Do you want a slideshow of photographs?
  • Do you want a contact form?
  • After the website is completed will you want to make your own updates or have us maintain the website for you?

Until we know the answers to these questions, it impossible to quote a price to create your website, since no two will be the same. Our websites are custom built. If you want a fully customized website, and you know the answers to the questions above, please contact us at The Poodle Network.  If you prefer a simple solution or want to build your own, read on.



Our Simple Solution

If you are just looking for an online presence with a simple website, we have the solution. We can build you a simple 'website' as a sub-domain of the Poodle Network. If your business name (for example) is Kings Poodles or Indiana Poodles, we would create the following website sub-domains (these are working examples):

The website would consist of the following five pages:

Home          About Us          Our Services          Our Poodles          Contact Us

Page content would consist of:

  • Custom page banner with logo, poodle photo, business name and telephone number.
  • Maximum of 500 words/3,000 characters per page.
  • Maximum of 10 photos on the website.
  • Your choice of 'base' color scheme.

The Cost - $125-$150 for the first year; from $25-$50 for each subsequent year

  1. $100 to create the site.
  2. $25 for first 12 months hosting.
  3. $25 per year thereafter for hosting.
  4. If you want your own domain name (website address) such as or,
    add $25 to the initial set-up and $25 per year thereafter. The domain name is subject to availability.
  5. $25 to make up to four changes during the year.



Create Your Own Website

If you want to try creating your own website, we would recommend Wix. It may still be a challenge for you, but we can help, if you discover that you need it.  Click on the image below to get started with your free Wix website.

Create your own website using Wix

If you have questions, contact The Poodle Network Today












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