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I noticed that some breeders have small photos along with information about their Poodles and puppies.  How can I add this information to my own listing?
Complete the form on the Premium Listing page, and attach the photo.  We ask that you send the original photo and permit us to resize the photo.  Photos must be under 5 MB in size.

Some Premium Listings on the website look different from those being offered on the Premium Listing advertising page. Why is that?
We have recently change our Premium Listings to be more visual than text - hence the new appearance.  Older versions will eventually be phased out.

How do I get my Poodle’s photo published in the Poodle Photo Gallery?
Complete the form on the Contact Us page, and attach the photo.  We ask that you send the original photo and permit us to resize the photo.  Photos must be under 5 MB in size.

What if I want to have more than one photo in the Poodle Photo Gallery?
We only offer to publish one photo in the Poodle Photo Gallery free of charge.  If you have more photos and would like to have a slide-show of photographs, please contact us with your request.  The cost for a slide-show is $25 for up to 20 photographs.

Your form on the Contact Us page only allows for one attachment.  How do I send multiple photos for my slide-show?
Just send us one photo and mention that you want a slide-show.  We will contact you directly by e-mail with instructions for sending multiple photos.

I really want to have my own website, but I don’t know what to do or who to contact.  Can you recommend anyone?
Yes we can.  We also offer a Website Design Service.  Please contact us with your information and we will have our own website designer contact you directly.

Do you recommend the breeders, handlers and groomers listed on your website?
We only list this information and do not specifically endorse any of the advertisers on our website.  Our aim is to provide the information.  It is up to the individual to review the services offered by the advertisers.

I want to advertise as a breeder, but I don’t know how to create an image in the size you ask for.  What can I do?
Our graphic designers can create the banner for you.  You would need to send photos, graphics and text to us, along with $25 to cover the cost of the design work.  Contact us with your request.

I notice that some of the breeders listed are in bold font and highlighted.  Why is that?
Breeders who advertise with a Standard Listing may select the upgrade to bold font with highlighting for a small additional fee.

The photo I am trying to send using the form is too large and keeps producing an error message.  I don’t know how to make it smaller.  What can I do?
Just use the same form to contact us, and explain that you need help in the ‘comments’ box.  We will contact you with alternative instructions to send your photo.

We don’t actually have our own website yet.  Does this matter?
It does not matter to us, but we do like clients to get value for money.  If you don’t have a website, we will not be able to provide a link for potential customers to follow, but they will still be able to contact you by telephone. If you wanted, we can always put an email address in place of a website address.

I would like to try to create my own website - where would you recommend?
If you want to try creating your own website, we would recommend Wix. It may still be a challenge for you, but we can help, if you discover that you need it.

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